You really need to have the sparkle and shine of your favorite celebrity. But your teeth are badly stained and make you feel shy. Do not worry here are the best you can do to achieve the shining teeth.

Whitening of Teeth:
  • Teeth become yellow over time
  • The condition can affect one’s self esteem and confidence
  •  Consuming tea or coffee
  •  Excessive smoking
  •  Neglecting oral hygiene
  •  Ageing
Natural home remedy using basil leaves and orange peels:
  1. Take 6-7 crushed basil leaves
  2. Add 2 tsp of dried orange peel powder
  3. Mix well and make a paste
  4. Apply on teeth
  5. Leave it for 15 min
  6. Wash off with water
Natural home remedy using baking soda:
  1. Mix baking soda with water to make paste
  2. Apply this paste on the teeth
  3. Leave it for 3 min
  4. Gargle with water
  5. Do this every night at bedtime
Natural home remedy using strawberries:
  1. Crush a few strawberries to make paste
  2. Apply this paste on your teeth
Natural home remedy using lemon juice:
  1. Remove some lemon juice
  2. Apply this juice on your teeth
  • Always rinse teeth after drinking tea or coffee

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