There are times when we keep staring at ourselves in mirror wondering how even a small fine line has appeared on the skin or even a wrinkle, there also are times when we have wondered at the perfect complexion anyone has along with perfectly white teeth or lustrous hair.
Here we are to give you all the methods which will help in retaining younger look for longer duration in natural way without use of heavy chemical based cosmetics, below given are the list of products which will ensure that ageing is slightly delayed through natural process:
  1. Sesame oil:

    Using this oil first thing in the morning to massage entire body gives best treatment for removal of dead skin cells which are cleaned after going to shower. Additionally this oil also increases blood circulation and providing moisture to the skin by hydrating it which is said to be the reason for glow on skin.
  2. Fish oil:

    Products which are rich in anti-inflammation are said to be best for preventing putting on age at faster rate, they also are said to work wonder for better hair growth, give supple look to the skin, improvise immunity system in body and help in better heart health. For better benefits to be gained from this it is sufficient to intake 500 milligrams of this omega-3 fish oil capsules daily in the morning and night.
  3. Gulp down beverages:

    If any of the beverages like coffee, tea or any colored juices are consumed at slower pace for about one hour it will add stain on teeth instead it has to be drunk quickly which is surely said to avoid applying coating again and again due to longer sipping of this beverage.
  4. Replace foundation with concealer:

    Regular usage of foundation is said to settle down into the wrinkles which increases the focus on them instead is it sufficient to settle down with concealer at any marks left on skin or under eye area, this can also be followed with smaller application of moisturizer.
  5. Simple beauty care:

    Though there are several steps which are advised some leading and famous beauty care companies it is suggested to go with simple beauty routine which includes using cleanser to clean the face and apply some moisturizer before going to bed.
  6. Scrub with white sugar:

    First and foremost product which has to be kept away from diet includes processed sugar since it is said to hasten the aging process which will bind up and later weaken collagen in skin that will finally result in increased wrinkles on skin also giving it a sagged look. For this to avoid it is suggested to go with fresh vegetables and fruits in daily diet and additionally though sugar cannot be used for consumption it is suggested to use it for scrubbing due to its property of being a mild cleanser for which white sugar can be used on entire body to make it smooth and get ready for makeup.
  7. Sleep adds bounce to hair:

    Though it is not really necessary if the hair is straightened at night with flat iron and worn in the form of loose ponytail on forehead then it is said to add bounce to the hair as soon as it is morning.
  8. Take extra care of eye:

    Skin surrounding eyes is much more sensitive when compared to the skin on remaining face, hence face creams do not work on area around eye. Instead it is suggested to use products that are exclusively made for this area removing fine lines, to keep this area looking fresh all time it is suggested to used gel rather than any other form.
  9. Give spa treatment to hands:

    Hands are often not given the care they actually are eligible for, often care is not given to them but when the signs of aging are noticed people tend to fasten the process of taking care of them. Hence the exfoliator used on face will also be good to use on hands or even if there is mask on face it can also be extended on to use in hands due to the presence of enzyme on both hands and face.
  10. De-stress:

    Massage is said to definitely increase the energy levels giving the feel of being young for longer duration, if there is no sufficient time or money for this to be done on regular basis it is suggested to extract same type of benefits from 20 minutes of normal physical activity and mediation that is sure to calm down the nerves due to deeper inhaling and exhaling.
  11. Increase vitamin intake:

    Vitamin-C is a great antioxidant that is said to help in repairing the damage undergone by skin additionally with SPF combined to these properties of sunscreen will have even better effect on skin.
  12. Increase fruit quantity:

    Malic acid present in strawberries, grapes and apples is known to be perfect cleanser of teeth removing all the stain hence these fresh fruits can be taken in appropriate amounts.
  13. Choose primer:

    When there is not much time left for heavy makeup it is enough to get primer all over face and chest which has tiny reflective particles that ward off light on skin lessening the appearance of fine lines.
  14. Choose by face:

    Based on the face it is suggested to go with that haircut that has lifting effect on the features.
  15. Try this hair trick:

    Rather than going with styling gel for hair it is suggested to go with conditioner or mask which will have to be used on damp hair before drying it up through blower. This not only has control over the hair but also is said to provide enough hydration for the hair giving younger hair.
  16. Take care of eye lashes:

    If proper care is not taken of the lashes they might turn out to be brittle and dry which will finally fall down, in order to prevent this it is suggested to go with application of eye cream on the tips of eye lashes with fingers to keep them moisturized and maintain proper health.

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