The way you look is going to give any stranger first impression on you, also looks are the only way in which anyone is usually perceived for which it is necessary to have healthy skin which is said to add to positive thinking about the personality. Skin is often taken huge care only since it is said to portray exactly what we are from inside which is also the reason for not worrying about the money which is being spent to get necessary skin care solutions.
Though there are times when last minute touch ups are sure to work there are also several other things which are going to work perfectly and naturally if they are followed on daily basis, however before following these treatments which can be easily prepared at home it is also necessary to understand the reasons for this to happen.
Here are the lists which provide all the necessary reasons that probably result in skin damage:

Dehydration of Skin:

Just like the need to quench the thirst and avoid suffering with dry throat it is also necessary to hydrate the skin which will not let the skin be with a feeling of being dry and stretchy since skin cells are made of water which have to be replenished at regular intervals to keep the skin hydrated all the time that is possible only by increased consumption of drinking water.


This habit is usually among those who feel too much stressed out and start it with the thought that it will lessen the stress but is not bound to happen instead increasing other negative effects on the body. On the contrary this habit is said to dry up the skin along with various other serious problems like respiratory and heart issues.

Damaging Sun Rays:

Even a few hours out in sun after winter might be very happy however that small amount of time is enough for the sun to cause enough damage to the skin which can go on for about entire lifetime if proper care is not ensured.

Lesser Physical Activity:

This is sure to increase the weight apart from which it also results in several other severe issues which include lack of shine for the skin which is due to lack of blood flow which carries oxygen to all the skin cells in the body.

Choose Food Wisely:

There is no doubt that the body needs various minerals and vitamins but it is not the fast foods which will provide with the necessary equipment for body instead choice has to be made among healthy and tasty foods based on their advantages to the body.
Now that the reasons have been understood, it is time to know tips which will help in keeping the skin healthy which are given below:

Lesser Make-up:

Without any proper occasion do not go with all the make-up elements like concealer, foundation or anything else though all these are going to add another layer on the real skin to give glowing look, have you ever wondered what it does to the real skin and the damage it undergoes. It does not mean that all these have to be dumped into dustbin instead choose them only for certain days while rest of the days have to be followed only with toner and moisturiser along with sunscreen which will provide the skin with necessary air to breathe.

Cleansing Of Face:

This is most common advise given by all the beauticians which is about cleaning the skin even though the individual might be hugely tired after long day that is only to make sure that entire dirt from the face along with makeup will be removed from the skin providing pores with an opening to break fresh air. Since all the time when makeup was put on the pores have been clogged lessening the chance for skin to breath.

Go With Sunscreen:

In order to prevent sun from causing any damage to the skin it is necessary to use sunscreen which will prevent skin from falling prey to cancer, ageing before its time and skin rashes which are all result of too much exposure of skin without necessary shield. Irrespective of the season go with sunscreen before going into the sun also additionally it is suggested that sunscreen also has to be applied even in home since there does not seem to be any place without radiation.


It is necessary to exfoliate the skin twice every week which will help in removing dead cells on the skin which will clog the pore that result in acne, blackheads apart from this it is also going to improvise skin complexion giving a special glow to the skin removing all the harmful toxins from skin. However skin also does not have to be scrubbed daily which otherwise will give much drier look to the skin.


It is not only sufficient to keep the skin internally hydrated but also has to be done so externally which can be done with the help of moisturizer that not only increase the moisture onto skin but also locks up moisture on skin hydrating it. In order to open up the pores it is suggested to place a towel which has been soaked in warm water on the face during night for some time which will also provide sufficient moisture to the skin.

Necessity For Proper Food:

Each and every food consumed daily is going to add to the skin and also benefits it for which it is necessary to cut down on some of them while there are certain others which have to be added some of which are listed below:
  • Vitamin C:

    It is suggested to include Vitamin C in daily diet which has collagen that is said to be the one responsible for skin firmness, hence lack of this substance in the diet is said to result in wrinkles forming at an early age. Also Vitamin C has anti-oxidants which will not let any damage to be caused for the collagen also this will not let skin to dry up easily, formation of fine lines for which it is suggested to include strawberries, red peppers, citrus fruits and broccoli to give younger look to the skin.
  • Vitamin A:

    When solution is available only in fridge that includes red, green leafy vegetables and orange are good sources of beta-cartoene there are people who go places to get smoother complexion. Foods which are abundant sources of Vitamin A include sweet potatoes, spinach, carrots, squash and turnips.
  • Good fat:

    It is common misconception among several people that nuts are going to add fat to the body and hence are not healthy for the body on the contrary nuts are full of omega-3 fatty acids which provide good fat to the body which is possible only with handful of nuts which can possibly include almonds, flax seeds and walnuts. Even salmon is said to have omega-3 fatty acids which can be consumed twice every week however it is suggested to cook oil in olive oil which is full of mono-unsaturated fats that will add glow to skin.
  • Tomatoes:

    There is no need to give special information about tomatoes especially when it comes to topics related to skin due to the presence of magical substance called as lypocene which is an anti-oxidant that helps in fighting age. Also wrinkles, patches, sagging skin and dark spots can be kept at distance with this.
  • Zinc, Iron:

    Glow for the skin can be increased with foods like lean meat, cereals, oysters and eggs which are great supplies of zinc and iron each of which have their own work to do. Like zinc is said to help in producing new cell and wearing out of dead cells which will give fresh look to the skin while Iron is said to provide necessary oxygen to the body giving glow to the skin.
  • Fibers:

    For those who are regularly attacked with acne can get rid of it by increasing the fiber content in diet since they are said to be result of indigestion. This issue can be resolved by going for foods like whole grain breads, oatmeal, bananas, brown rice and apples that will surely lessen the formation of acne.
  • Water:

    Like it has been already suggested it is necessary to drink lots of water keeping the skin hydrated for which it is necessary to cut down on fried foods.

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